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A fond love for sustainability and saving energy, Introducing Outgreens

Outgreens, created in 2016 is a thriving waste management business ideally positioned to be part of the solution to some of the main environmental problems facing Egypt today: reducing waste, avoiding pollution, and preventing the unnecessary use of finite natural resources.

Nothing left behind.

We have a number of different recycling lines within our facilities that specialize in different areas of processing so we can be sure that absolutely nothing is left unrecycled.
Plastic 95%
Food & Organic Waste 100%
Metals 85%
Construction/Demolition Waste 65%
Paper 95%

Here's why Outgreens is different.

Always ready for a challenge.

Outgreens stands out as the leading all-in-one solution to waste management in Egypt. We cover the entire process from collecting up to processing and recycling.
What really makes Outgreens different is the way we bridge the gap between the collecting and recycling process: a gap long existed through the years in Egypt and has persistently hindered the progression of waste management as a vital field. Our approach guarantees a non-interrupting collection service with little to no unprocessed waste left behind.
Working Hands
+ 100000
Tons Recycled Annually
+ 150
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