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Sustainability made

easier. safer. budget-friendly. accessible. profitable.

OK, let’s go green with these easy starters.

We understand that workplace sustainability requires commitment from employees and other stakeholders who need to be willing to make changes to their own behavior in order to help the company reduce its environmental impact. Below are good starting points that many businesses can use.

Waste Bins

The cornerstone of any successful workplace recycling endeavor is waste segregation from origin. Here at Outgreens, not only do we provide bins, but we also offer office sustainability training and bin allocation studies for efficient implementation.

Get Certified

Outgreens helps your business to meet & exceed all the requirements of environmental management certificates like ISO 14001, LEED, and other green certifications. We will work with you on every detail to guarantee your good work is awarded and certified.

Get $$$

Does your business generate tonnes of packaging materials? Do you have factory waste that needs brand destruction before recycling? Are you looking for the best price for your recyclables? Outgreens might be the answer you have been waiting for.

Once again, your journey begins here.