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Join the Revolution in Circular Economy.

We work with businesses to improve their environmental performance in areas like reducing carbon footprint, reducing landfill waste, and achieving sustainability goals lucratively.

I want in

100% Custom-fit services tailored at your needs.

Waste Management & Recycling

Municipal, industrial, and hazardous waste management (collection & processing).

Processing Technologies & Machinery

Design, plan, and build waste management processing technologies and machinery.

Environmental Consultancy & Training

Environmental consultancy and Impact studies.


Check Miegos, our brand for organic fertilizers.

Profit vs. Planet: Achieve the perfect balance.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the best business decision were aligned with the best ecological decision? Some people say that often it already is, and that if business would only wake up and see it, the opposition between profit and planet would diminish. At Outgreens, we believe it’s not only possible, but necessary.

Reduce Costs

Cutting down on waste management and collection costs.

Increase Profits

Maximizing your company's profits from recyclables & scrap sales.

Promote Brand

Meet and exceed environmental regulations requirements and get certified for ISO 14001, LEED, and other green certifications.

Save Earth

Achieve your organization's sustainability objectives and make its facilities zero-waste ones.


OK Outgreens, can you push the button and turn my business green?

Sadly no (god knows we tried). The road toward true sustainability is long and winding, but we will embark on this journey together. In 2018, we introduced the Outgreens Program for Business to make it easier for you to start on the right path.

We can start by ordering segregation bins, or start a fun sustainability training in your office, or you can go beyond the extra mile by making your entire operations zero-waste. Everybody has to start somewhere.